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Background: Evo Design

Throughout our 23 years in business, our focus has not just been the success of the end product, but in the process of collaborating with our clients to achieve that product’s success.


Evo has spent the past 17 years deeply integrated in sustainable design and implementation. We have developed sustainability guidelines and products for institutions like Unilever and National Marine Fishery Services. We have also helped brands transition products from virgin plastic, to recycled plastic to compostable plastic.  We have conducted sustainable materials research and developed over 30 sustainable products for Preserve. We have also developed sustainable package offerings for Unilever brands including Ragu and Bertolli.



Who we are

23 Years

Evo has been in business since 1997. Evo’s founder, Aaron Szymanski, still runs and manages the company.


100+ Clients

We have clients in variety of industries including housewares, industrial equipment, medical, dental care, personal care, sporting goods, toy, electronics and soft goods.


16 People

We have an experienced team of Industrial Designers, Researchers, Mechanical Engineers, Model Makers, Strategists/Researchers and Project Management Professionals. Over 90% of our team has been with us for more than 15 years.


3 Studios

We currently have three studios with our headquarters located in Watertown, Connecticut and additional studios in Columbus, Ohio and Ningbo, China.


Our Services

We are a full service new product development and strategy consultancy; we handle everything from research and upfront ideation, through design for manufacturing.



We leverage our experience in research and design thinking to uncover the motivations of users and their experiences.  We focus on aligning our research with strategic goals to provide actionable insights for design innovation.



From upfront innovation through design for manufacturing, we develop iconic products that connect to consumers. Our design and engineering teams work closely to ensure our concepts are manufacturable and align with the project goals.



We solve complex problems with elegantly engineered solutions that suit the industry, volume and end-user. Our team has a unique combination of skills that include creating complex mechanical solutions and the ability to model sophisticated geometry.



In addition to our in-house capabilities, we work with a select group of rapid prototypers who provide SLA, CNC, sheet metal, plastics, and electronics. We also provide in-house prototype assembly and debugging.


Design for Manufacturing

We develop design for manufacturing files and continue to support the manufacturing effort through troubleshooting.

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