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Our mission

To reimagine and reactivate the way we approach, design, produce, and move our materials so the world can begin to heal.

Our Team

We are a collective of leading experts across agriculture, material innovation, sustainable design, product manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and brand development.


Matthew Ward


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Matthew Merritt

Diego Avanzato



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Noah Sheehan



Material Maxim is dedicated to providing full-service solutions that transform the built environment into a regenerative system.

We’re helping global brands accelerate their transition to the circular economy by delivering sustainable, end-to-end solutions for the built environment.

From the walls that offer shelter to the chairs that provide comfort, and the plates that nourish us, every product is designed with consideration. From seed to re-circulation for a gentle impact on our planet, by embracing circularity and innovation, we envision a world where sustainability is the norm.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities reflect a holistic approach, integrating systems thinking, leading sustainability research in furniture and material innovation, and scalable fabrication practices.

"Design, if its to be ecologically responsible, and socially responsive must be revolutionary and radical."

Victor Papanek

Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change

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Our Clients

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