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The Problem

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Conventional economics has propelled humanity into an era of unprecedented consumption-driven growth. While this model has brought material prosperity, it has come at a tremendous environmental cost. Overconsumption, resource depletion, and unchecked carbon emissions have led to climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation on a global scale. The traditional economic system, driven by the relentless pursuit of growth and profit, has inadvertently jeopardized the very ecosystem upon which all life depends.


Accelerate Decarbonization

The Path to Net ZERO

Remapping Sustainability

Redefining Economics

Managing Material Lifecycles

Whether it’s helping businesses manage existing materials or create new ones, we guide commercial practices that minimize waste, conserve resources, reduce environmental impacts, and optimize economic efficiency.

Circularity Services
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Designing Net Zero Consumer Behavior

Like businesses, individuals also play a critical part in circularity. Leveraging our leadership position, we create strategies, products, systems, and environments that encourage and facilitate sustainable consumer choices. 

Circularity Services

Engineering Net Zero Products

Net zero goals call for producing products with minimal carbon footprint over their entire life cycle. We help our clients understand the environmental impacts of its products and create strategies for producing net-zero products.

Circularity Services

Strategic Roadmaps and Communication

Net-zero behavior can be an intricate and ongoing process, which we make more approachable and realistic. We help companies incorporate strategic and practical plans so that sustainability is not just something they practice, but who they are. 

Circularity Services

Circularity Services

As material management experts and thought-leaders in the circularity space, we shepherd businesses toward a more responsible future with less waste. We’ll align circularity goals with practices such as recycling infrastructure, remanufacturing, material selection, and more.

Circularity Services
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By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and regenerative practices, we can not only reduce carbon emissions, but also actively restore and rejuvenate our planet, paving the way towards a sustainable and thriving future for all.

The path to net zero is a journey...

One that requires us to see the world in 4D

Decarbonization through regenerative AI

Fiber Economics

Material Maxim's Fiber Economic Thesis envisions a world where the negative environmental impact of industrialization is reversed. By nurturing regenerative agricultural practices, promoting renewable biomaterials, and emphasizing carbon sequestration, it sets the stage for the simultaneous healing of our planet and the creation of thriving financial models.

In this "fiber economy," the return on investment is not only financial, but also ecological. By aligning economic success with environmental restoration, Fibernomics offers a sustainable path forward where prosperity is redefined to encompass the well-being of both humanity and the planet. It calls for a new era of responsible economics, one where financial growth and environmental health walk hand in hand, ensuring a more equitable, resilient, and harmonious future for all.


A succinct formulation of a fundamental principle, general truth, or rule of conduct.

The Material Maxim

A group of "ideas to action" companies working together to secure our collective future through sustainable practices. Our maxim is our truth: The time to act is now. If we can change the way we think, the way we design, the materials we use and the processes we use to build and move our products, then the world can begin to heal.

The Meta Orginization

The goal is to provide consumers with the most effective, efficient, and sustainable business solutions available in the market today. By working together with Industry leaders and smart consumers, we can achieve that system level goal. Our results are creating real opportunities for consumers to participate in change and reduce their impact through simple transactions.

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The S   luti   n?

The Solution.png
The Solution.png

See the world in 4D

The Solution.png

Material Maxim represents a paradigm shift away from the consumption-centric model of traditional economics. It offers a path to reconcile economic prosperity with environmental stewardship by redefining the fundamental principles of production, consumption, and financial return.

In this new world we embrace Design, Disruption, Distribution, and accelerate Decarbonization. This new approach will bring us closer to net zero.

We are running out of time

Material Maxim leads an intervention team armed with robust IP, powerful AI, and the finest manufacturers in the country.

As lead interventionalist... 
Material Maxim creates teams of prolific designers, engineers, and operators that share in a unified mission to deliver the most sustainable solutions.

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Legacy Hemp provides the infrastructure to bring hemp into the new, established and developing hemp markets. We grow the legacy of industrial hemp.

Material Legacy Group engages in fiber filled thermoplastic innovation, sustainable material development, manufacturing, and building material innovation.

Bast Fiber Products develop high quality, high performance hemp building materials.  

PLIA is a purpose-driven lab which seeks to explore interdependencies in the built environment. PLIA takes a multifaceted approach creating beautiful objects  which honor the planet from which they are born.

ZASTI is a carbon tech company bringing a suite of AI powered solutions to propel businesses on their path to decarbonizations and enable an ultimate goal of net zero emissions.

Material Motive is an e-commerce online sales engine which showcases sustainable, ecological, and carbon neutral products. 

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